12 Jun 2017

The Most Amazing Summer Denim | 2017

10 Apr 2017

Stop War Hug More | Shirt Designs

 About a week ago I was so proud to announce that my new designs were out!
I was nervous, excited and a little frightened.
What if no one was going to like it, what if I was the only one who thought it was cool and a nice message?
But it all went super well, and everyone has been so supportive.
I created this design, from an old drawing that I made many years ago. It was done with pens, by hand and was very colorful like the shirt logo is now.
Later on while I was studying Multimedia design and communication, I was going to make a portfolio presenting myself. I decided to use my old design, and therefore scanned it into my computer to then use Illustrator to draw over it.
Now more than a year later, I thought it would be cool to make t-shirt designs out of it. I decided I wanted it to be a round logo, and with the quote that I also used on my drawing many years ago "Stop war hug more".

I've also created a video in which I show you the products and talk a little about them, here it is:

If you would like to see more photos of the designs, and get updates, follow the Instagram: @ByEliseBuch

Remember that: if you buy a shirt and post a photo on Instagram, I would love if you hashtag #ByEliseBuch & #StopWarHugMore

12 Jan 2017

With Popularity Comes Hate

With "popularity" comes hate, and I've always known that. But I never knew it could be this way and overwhelming. My most watched video on YouTube just reached 10 million views, and this is the story behind it:

 In the summer  2015 I may have had about 15.000 subscribers on YouTube, at least that's a guess. My dreadlocks were still pretty young, and I had dyed them green for a little fun and experimenting. I decided to film a new video, which was nothing I thought much about, it was intentionally for the viewers that I had at that point, people that knew me, and understood why my dreadlocks looked like they did. It was going to be me, brushing out a few congo dreadlocks, that had become too heavy for my scalp. I sat down, filmed it and uploaded it, still with no concerns about who was going to watch it.

It happened quickly, in a very short amount of time, I could see how the video was exploding in views, and hate comments started to kick in. I would have done some print screens, but I later decided to close the comment section, so I have nothing to show you. 
People were super nasty, commenting on the color of my dreadlocks, which they didn't know I dyed myself, they simply assumed it was mold, that I apparently walked around with without noticing or caring myself?  
They commented on my locks in general, that they looked like shit, and that I should brush out all of it.  
"Cultural appropriation" was mentioned in pretty much every second comment, and about 80% of those who wrote them were white American people. Before this video, I had never even heard about those two words before, and I didn't know that they meant. I was just a 21 year old from Denmark, where race isn't a big deal, as it is in the US, so to me it was a whole new world opening up. 

I started researching a lot, both on cultural appropriation but also on dreadlocks and their history. I wanted to know if it was really true that dreadlocks were "invented" by black people, as many of my comments were saying. 
I did a lot of thinking at that time, and I was very confused. These people from my comment section made me feel horrible, and I lost my courage to make videos. At one point I had to think to myself "Are they right?" If my answer to that was yes, I should make a change, but if I deeply felt that was untrue, I had to let go of the hate and move on. 
After my intense research, and talking with a lot of dreadheads of both colors, I decided to close the comment section and move on. At first it was still not a good feeling I was walking around with, it was my first real hate comments on YouTube, and they got to me. 

But after a while, I moved on and it got better. The point is just that you can't let people's hate affect what you want to do, if you know you aren't doing anything wrong. They might think so, like I was called a racist many times... But I know that I'm not, so why should their comments stop me then?
I know that I'm a good person, I have dreadlocks because I think they are beautiful on any person, with any skin color. 

It's been 1,5 years now, and the video now has more than 10 million views, which is something I find very difficult to comprehend! It's almost double the population in Denmark, which is where I'm from. It's such a large number of people, that have watched it and now have an either bad or good opinion about me and my hair... but that's a part of YouTube. You never know which video will explode, and you can't fully prepare yourself on the hate you might get.
Here's the video, in case you haven't seen it yet.

22 Nov 2016

This Fall

This fall
called for changes
not only for the trees
but also for me.
Life seemed turned
upside down
and I couldn't 
wrap my head around
what to do
when things change
like they do.

But this fall
is for new beginnings too....

Poncho from:
Svanninge Bakker in Denmark

4 Nov 2016

My First Months as a Bunny Owner | 3 months

I've now had my little rebel for about 3 months,
and I can't believe how much she has grown since I picked her up.
But it all started more than a year ago:

I grew up on a farm, with lots of animals around me, but when I turned 18, and moved away from home, all of that was over. I was now living in an apartment with very strict rules when it comes to animals. I managed that for a long time, but in the summer 2015 we were moving out of my childhood home. That did not only mean that I didn't have animals around me in my every day life, but now I could no longer see lots of animals when visiting my mom either. So it really started to bug me, and I missed having a fluffy friend around me.
So already in the summer 2015, while moving out of the farm, I started looking for a rabbit, that could be my new furry friend. That's what you can see in this vlog from the summer 2015:

Things happened, and I had a lot of things to do at the time, so I ended up pushing away the idea, and lived another year without. But in the summer 2016, I decided it was time. I looked online, and found this amazing place. A woman was breeding these amazing soft satin rabbits, and I quickly fell in love with them. We made an appointment, for me to come and see the babies. And I can't believe how cute they were! Before the visit I thought I wanted a completely red bun, but things change when you actually get to meet them:
That's what you can see in this vlog:

This was the first photo I took with Luna, and it's from the visit in which I came to just see the babies. Luna was so special to me, and she just stood out from the rest of them. One thing that one of her ears were still pointing up, bu she was also super curious and not at all scared, which I loved! After this photo, she tried to eat my dreadlocks, and she was just such a cute little thing!

I had to wait a little over a week, as I remember. But it wasn't that bad, because I had to go out and find a cage for my baby, and everything else that's needed to take care of the new member of the family. After the wait, the day came, and I could finally pick up Luna.

The beginning stage was hard, I had so many comments from online, by people telling me I did things wrong, or just people that thought I should do things differently. That was something I had to get used to, and I probably should have known that. But I learned from the mistakes I made. Some of the things I learned in the first month, that I had never considered before, was:
There's a lot of things that rabbits should eat, and shouldn't eat. There's a lot of snack options in the pet shops, that people shouldn't feed their buns. But I totally understand how it's difficult to know, unless you do hardcore studies online, and read a lot about it. I did the beginner mistakes, all of them.
(btw this photo is from the day I picked up Luna, isn't she the cutest?)

When I first got Luna home, I fill up her food bowl (As you can see in the vlog "picking up Luna") but actually rabbits shouldn't me fed more than 1-2 tablespoons a day. I also did the mistake of buying treats in the pet shop that I thought was fine, because I did have some kind of trust, when things are sold in a pet shop. I mean they should know what they are doing, right? But these treats are filled with sugar, which is no good for rabbits either. Also Luna wasn't fed with veggies from her former owner, so it was also something I should learn her. Just a little at the time, so that her stomach could get used to it. But it was difficult to find the balance sometimes. Sometimes she was fine getting fed some broccoli, and sometimes it would cause some minor problems.

I've been studying so much online about rabbits, everything from how to feed them, how to care for them, how to be around them and just so many things. And I do believe Luna and I are best friends now.
She licks on my clothes sometimes, which is an amazing sign, and actually unusual from female rabbits. She also loves to get cuddles and she's often jumping around like a crazy little monkey. I really do believe I understand her now, and she's getting used to me. It took time, for sure. As a child our rabbits weren't like Luna is now. They were many, and weren't indoor or anything. So I did know what bunnies where, but I have never earlier studies on them like I've done know. What people often forget, is that rabbits are a lot different from any other pet, almost. As a prey animal, there's so many things to take into consideration, just the thing with not to pick them up. It's something I've never before thought about, but it has been super interesting to learn. So many people get a rabbit because they think they are easy, and a good match for kids. But acutally that can be a really horrible match for the rabbit, unless the adult person is really careful, and is making sure the child's getting lots of help taking care of the bun.

But Luna is now in the beginning of her teenage stage, she's just a little over 5 months. I haven't experienced any change in her behavior yet, but that might come within the next month or so. I'm still very happy that I got her, so far it seems we make each other very happy. But I do know that, if I get a very busy job at some point, I might have to get her a flurry bunny friend, so that she don't have to be alone for long every day.
This was a long update on my bun motherhood.
You can still follow my every day life with Luna on:

Cozy and Easy Autumn DIY's | Elise Buch

The season of fall might be the most magical of all,
and you can get a wonderful use of the treasures in nature.
I myself decided to collect some  leaves and sticks
from a local green area. But there's so much more to
find and use in a creative way, if you search for inspiration
online and like to spend some quality time outdoor.

I put my ideas into a video, and I hope that you enjoyed it:

6 Oct 2016

City Guides Of Odense | With Boohoo

As many of you might know by now, I'm from Denmark, and more exact I'm from the 3rd biggest city: Odense
I'll elaborate, because in many countries the 3rd biggest cities are gigantic, but since we are talking about Denmark, the 3rd biggest city Odense only counts 193.000 inhabitants, and that's out of the 5,6 million people we are in Denmark all in all. Odense has a very central position if you look at a map of Denmark, it's places in the middle of the island Fyn, that's located in the middle of Denmark.

I've always lived in Odense, so to me the city is rather small and cosy, but if you grew up on the countryside or in a small village somewhere, Odense might seem big. One of the greatest places in the center of the city is Mosen, if you ask me. If you translate "mose" it's "swamp" in English, but really it's a nice place.
This is the view on the city if you stand in the garden, and look over the creek.
You have the bridge that goes from the city over to the garden. You have the creek you can sail on in the summer, and in general there's always a ton of people down here in the summer time. People hang out, listen to music and enjoy the sun. 
And this is mosen! Lots of green areas where you can sit with your friends.
Since it's fall time now, and on this day it was freezing cold, there weren't a lot of people... but I hope you see that this green grass got potential.
Last but not least... the creek!
Odense Å is the name and that's just Odense creek translated.
Isn't that just a wonderful view?!

And if you follow the creek you'll see so much beauty too. Because along the side of the creek there's a lot of beautiful houses to one side, and then with the path on the other side.

If we move up to the streets of Odense, I want to say something my Spanish teacher in high school used to say to us: "Look up" Because the beauty of the buildings are often seen if you look up, and here's a few pictures to proof how true that is in Odense as well:

My favorite restaurant in Odense is called "Eydes". I haven't been dining there a lot of times, but I think the atmosphere in the building is amazing. It's an old cinema that was renovated and turned into a restaurant, but luckily they have kept many details from the old cinema, so it's just such a nice place to eat.
I didn't get any pictures of the inside, because I wound't bother the people actually sitting in there, but I promise you it's a nice place.

Something else I love about Odense, even tho I think it could be even better, is the small happenings and street art. Such as these shoes that have been hanging across the street, I don't know who did that, or why, but's I think it's cool.

I've been loving this huge wall painting for so long now too, It's been there for years, and I think it's so cool. And to be able to paint something like that, must have needed so much talent! Just to be able to scale everything correctly is amazing!

The last place that I would like to show you is Eventyrhaven = Adventure Garden. This is also where I decided to shoot some pictures of my outfit.
This blog post is made in collaboration with Boohoo, and I would like to just show you the amazing fall outfit they let me pick out.
I decided to pick out the most obvious fall piece, at least it's obvious to me: a good warm jacket. And I found this burgundy colored one, that I love. LINK
I see that it's been sold out in this color right now, but it's available in other options too.
 I was also very lucky that I could pick out a dress, and I did of course pick one with a lovely pattern, and great fall colors. It's super comfy, and perfect also to trow a sweater over if I'm cold indoor. LINK
Shoes! I picked out a beautiful pair of black boots. I love the style of them, and that they feel soft and nice to wear. They are not for super long walks tho, at least not on my badminton feet. But they are super pretty for a night out, or other fall events. LINK
And last of all I picked out a pair of sunglasses, and this time I picked some in gold. I call fall for golden season, so why not pick out a pair of gold shades too? LINK

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post, and the chance to learn something about my city!
Don't forget to check out:
see you soon!

28 Jun 2016

What to see in Copenhagen? | Visit Denmark

About a month ago I went to Copenhagen.
It's the first time in years and years I've been there
and have had time to explore the city.
I went there to take part in a YouTube event,
but I decided to stay until Saturday
to have a day of exploring too.
Here's a list of some of the places I went
and they are all places I would recommend for tourists to visit too.

The first amazing place that I want to mention is Botanisk Have.
It's first of all a park when you get there, but if you
follow the trails, you will get to this amazing big greenhouse:

If you want to, you can go inside and have a great experience.
There's so many beautiful plants in there, from all over the world.
I think it was an amazing experience, but maybe it 
wouldn't be if you don't find plants as enjoyable as I do.

When I travel I sometimes like to not plan to much
because sometimes it's just nice to walk around and see
what happens. That's how we found Botanisk have.
Just by chance, and that was lucky.
But Daniel and I did that a lot, just to see the city,
and that's how we found some cute streets and parts here and there.

The next place I want to mention is Torvehallerne
it is basically two halls filled with small market stalls.
You can buy flowers, food, have coffee, cake...
There's a lot of things, and the atmosphere is just so nice.
I was really close to buying a chili plant, but
I could not carry it around on foot for the rest of the day...

Nyhavn is also a wonderful place to be.
There's a ton of restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat,
white you can watch small boats sail by.
It's a really chill and beautiful place to be.

Last of all I need to mention Christiania.
It's know for pusher street, but it's
also a place with so much history.
It has it's roots in the 60's under the hippie movement
and have since then been known for being a free place,
where people can express themselves freely.
There is so much more to know about this place,
but since my English isn't fluent, you might just
want to look it up on Wikipedia.
I think it was a inspiring place, but also a bit scary.
As I just said it's known for pusher street,
so there were men walking around in here,
wearing black masks over their heads, 
to make sure that nobody took pictures and stuff like that.
But it's a really important place to see if you visit Copenhagen.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post.
If you want to see my vlog from my visit in Copenhagen,
then here is it: